HOLA Tarrant County

Formed out of a desire to create a history of Latinas and Latinos in Tarrant County, the Historians Of Latino Americans (HOLA) aims to research, document, and archive our work and to share it with the community. Our hope is that this information will lead to a better understanding and appreciation of the role that Latinas and Latinos have played in the civil, educational, and cultural history of our county.

Mural by North Side High School alumnus and artist Arnoldo Hurtado


From Oral Histories to films, these projects are a combination of work done by HOLA members as well as projects completed by other institutions and organizations.


Writings and research by HOLA members as well as articles about the history of Latinas and Latinos in Tarrant County.

Share Your Story

Have you or your family lived in Tarrant County for a long time? If you would like to be interviewed to share your story, please contact us to make the arrangements. We can conduct interviews virtually and will provide you with a copy.